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About the
World Clock
We find it intriguing to see a picture of a clock that is located thousands of miles away, but one which tells us the exact time of where we are right now. So we've set out to collect as many pictures of clocks as possible from as many different people as possible from around the world. Our goal is to gather enough pictures to account for all the minutes of the day. Upon accomplishing that, we will create a "digital picture clock" for the community.
And why?
Because it's great fun to look at pictures of clocks from around the world. And aside from telling us the time, these pictures of unfamiliar clocks take us to a different place and remind us of the vastness of the world.
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About us
We're Harvest, the world's most beautiful time tracking software. We are fascinated, intrigued, and awed by the concept of time.
By the way
This project took us 48 unbillable hours.
(according to Harvest)
If you have photos of public clocks you'd like to contribute to the project, here's how:
Contribute via Flickr
If you are already a Flickr user, then this is the fastest and easiest way to get your photos published in the World Clock Project. Simply tag your photo with the appropriate time (e.g. 5:35) add your photo to the World Clock Project Flickr Pool. We will automatically fetch photos out of the pool and publish it in the World Clock Project with credits to you.